Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Short Overview of SharePoint Features in Visual Studio 2010

Now that the SharePoint conference is over and everybody is all exited, I as a functional SharePoint consultant, am looking with interest to the new Visual Studio 2010 editon. I rarely use it right now in my day to day work. Looking at the new features, I know one thing.... I'm going to use VS2010! It looks very nice.

The Microsoft SharePoint team has a nice blogpost with al the features in it. Check it out! Very cool I found the integration between SharePoint designer 2010 and VS2010. I can build custom site templates and import them to VS2010 and make a feature in a solution from it.
The features I see myself working with are:
  • Feature and package Designer
  • SharePoint explorer (looks a bit like SharePoint manager 2007)

Can't wait to start!

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